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Want to be Successful? Update Your Habits

The purpose of Switch Online Course Academy is to offer new cutting edge courses, specifically designed to help every Dispensing Optician instantly generate high-value sales and increase revenue in a natural and balanced way.
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Want to be Successful? Update Your Habits

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  • Build Balanced Behaviour

    Our courses support you in building balanced behaviour, both for yourself and your practice. If you are genuinely looking for a change, ready to create the change then commit and connect here.

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    Being authentic and a person of influence is not an instantaneous process. It takes time, effort, and the practice of certain behaviours. Join our global community of influencers already succeeding with our courses.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth at a Personal and Professional Level

    Our continuous learning is engaging, fun and satisfying, both personally and professionally. It allows you to build confidence and credibility in your professional role. Our academy provides, Online courses; Seminars; Workshops; Coaching; Mentoring; Books,

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  • Maria. K Anubi

    Maria. K Anubi

    Qualified Dispensing Optician, Master Coach

    I am on a mission that awakens and harnesses existing competencies, skills and potential for dispensers to master the art of professional sales using a new balanced approach to sales, specifically designed for the eye & healthcare industry. Our journey supports the dispenser stepping out of the shadow of the clinical and stepping into their own spotlight, their own strength, their own identity and deliberately owning the optical retail space. Together our journey will embrace and master the art of professional sales, increasing revenue whilst giving our customers a memorable experience. I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to be naturally a SPEC-tacular Dispensing Optician.